Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our First Lesson!

Well Looks like we learned our first lesson with the trailer. When you are dumping the sewage and you are emptying the black water tank, make sure the hose does not fly off just as the water and STUFF comes out!!! Yuck! Yes John did have gloves on so we are good there. It had been flushed and winterized so it wasn't as bad as it could of been i guess. :)

We moved the trailer to the driveway and John backed it up all by himself and it only took 2 tries. Good Job JOHN!!! We really like it on the drive way and not sitting out in the street. We are not sure about the laws about leaving a RV on the public street. So now we're good.

John got the bench in and has been fixing a lot of little things on the 5th wheel. The radio now works, Leak fixed , all the tanks are bleached out and flushed out, re routed the microwave cord. I have been getting the food stocked and Got my Lock N Locks today! Yeah!

When I cant find John in the house on his days off , It's a sure bet that he is out in the garage either working on the 5th wheel or on his 79 X19 Fiat. I think he has enough to keep him out of trouble for a while..... :)

So we are now 10 days and counting.

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