Monday, August 9, 2010

Well John and I and the kids took off yesterday after church to check out some campsites up in Estacada. We found 4-5 and i think we could have a good time but they are really close to the road. You can not only hear the river, but all the road noise as well. They dont have RV hookups so we would have to be self contained. Which is not a big deal. Just trying to find sites that we can pull through or back up into easily. We are not good with the backing up right now. It was a fun day and a beautiful drive. Dogs had fun too!

John was trying to get the 5th wheel flushed out and found a leak within the system. John thinks he can fix it easily enough. Toilet is working with a little adjusting. We just need to check the heater so we can winter camp too. We have 2 heaters so we should be good! I'm slowly but surly getting more and more stuff put into the trailer. I'm waiting now for my Lock N Locks we got from QVC for the trailer.

We are wanting to find a place really close so Spencer and I can get camp set up on a Friday after he gets home from school and John and Miranda can come after work. Miranda got us a RV book with great tips and the best campsites in certain states. Its really great to learn from others mistakes.... That is kind of what this blog is about too.

Well as we continue to get the 5th wheel ready for our trip, we are on count down. 1 week and 6 days~ still praying that Miranda's work might change their minds and give her the time off. But there will be other trips.

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