Thursday, August 5, 2010

ok, here is the update for the 5th wheel backing up practise..... It did not go as so well. It is a lot harder then one would think. Thank the LORD for pull-through campsites. They are sites where you just drive in and out the other side. Who ever came up with them probably was a guy who couldn't back up a trailer.... :) So We got a site for our trip with a PULLTHROUGH ! yea!!!

Well John was not feeling well yesterday and didn't sleep well so he stayed home. He got the bench put in and we loaded up a lot more stuff now in the 5th wheel. I think next week we are going to take the 5th wheel to a dumping site and flush out the system. Oh, Miranda has made a 5th wheel rule....
" If we are at a camp ground with a potty and shower, we can only go pee in the trailer..... NO POOH!" She has already made it clear that she will not be doing any fish cleaning and now she will not be touching the poopy hose.... lol Unfortunately she cant get time off work for our first trip and so she and Ave and Snuggles will be staying home. :(

Well , more to come later.

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