Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its been way too long since my last post. We did go on our first camping trip. We went to Fisherman's Bend up by Mill City. It was a very nice camp ground and we will be going back, but the actual site was not what we really wanted. The fire pit and tent area was too far from the trailer. It was strange as well with out Miranda and she was not happy having to be left at home due to work commitments.

We did have a good time and went on a few adventures like WalMart down in Salem! :) Needed a few things. John and I had a rough night sleeping due to one, the mattress was a bit too hard for our liking and we are use to sleeping in a King and the 5th wheel is a queen. Then John forgot to bring "Mr Sleepy" and so i had to keep turning him over from snoring in my face. We did pick up a mattress topper at Walmart so the next few nights were tons better.

Cooking was nice and we didn't set up a kitchen out of the 5th wheel. Which i think we will do for sure next time. We also had a small TV and so it was way too convenient to sit in the 5th wheel and watch movies... No TV next time. Spencer was bord so he probably gained 5 lbs just in eating everything in sight.....

We did have a good time taking a drive up the road to check out a few other campgrounds and went up to Silverton Falls as well, where John and Spencer took a nice long hick. It was a good time with my guys. We sure did miss Miranda. Luckily we had cell phone coverage so she could let us know just how miserable she was all by herself and that the dogs were driving her nuts barking at every noise they heard thinking we were coming home.

John and Spencer are heading over the pass to La Pine for a couple of days to go SPLUNKING. Miranda and I are hanging back due to scheduling issues. We are really looking forward to getting in a trip with the 4 of us and all 3 dogs some time soon. We are also planing a 3 week trip next summer. 4,ooo miles is what John has figured so far. Yellowstone, maybe some family along the way to Mesa Verde and then Grand Canyon. From there over to Southern Calif. for Disneyland and some other attractions. Seeing friends and family as well. Then heading up the coast to stop here and there. Stopping in San Francisco for a few days. We have been telling the kids for the past 5 years we are going to the Big Red Woods. So this would be great as well. Then heading back up to home. We are also going to bring all 3 dogs on this trip so we will be having to do some careful planing.......

We went to the RV show a few weekends ago and saw this cute little couple pushing a stroller. Of course we assumed it was maybe their grand baby or GREAT grand baby.... but with further examination we saw not a baby or small child but a cute little dogie!!!! It was the coolest thing.... here they were pushing their dog in a stroller. It was covered with a net over the stroller and was just sitting there as cute and comfy as could be. So i asked them about it and where they got the stroller. It was actually a pet stroller and cost them about $75. Well that got John and I starting to think about our summer trip and doing that with our precious 3. So we went out to check out regular baby strollers at a resale shop. We looked at the double strollers and i had a great idea about trying to maybe put all 3 in one. We got to the resale shop and right out front was this jogging thing that can hook to the back of a bike or you can just push. It is designed for 2 kids with seat and could be all covered for all weather. After lots of checking it out and thinking of our needs we got it and brought it home, took out the seat and now have a 3 wheel buggy for the Dogs to ride in for trips out and about. They need a lot of practise using it and feeling comfortable with it, we have till next July. They do look so cute for sure.

So we are on our way planing our big family trip and will be keeping you posted on how things are going. Now time to start looking for great deals on attractions and making reservations at sites along the way.

More to come.......

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