Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our First Lesson!

Well Looks like we learned our first lesson with the trailer. When you are dumping the sewage and you are emptying the black water tank, make sure the hose does not fly off just as the water and STUFF comes out!!! Yuck! Yes John did have gloves on so we are good there. It had been flushed and winterized so it wasn't as bad as it could of been i guess. :)

We moved the trailer to the driveway and John backed it up all by himself and it only took 2 tries. Good Job JOHN!!! We really like it on the drive way and not sitting out in the street. We are not sure about the laws about leaving a RV on the public street. So now we're good.

John got the bench in and has been fixing a lot of little things on the 5th wheel. The radio now works, Leak fixed , all the tanks are bleached out and flushed out, re routed the microwave cord. I have been getting the food stocked and Got my Lock N Locks today! Yeah!

When I cant find John in the house on his days off , It's a sure bet that he is out in the garage either working on the 5th wheel or on his 79 X19 Fiat. I think he has enough to keep him out of trouble for a while..... :)

So we are now 10 days and counting.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Well John and I and the kids took off yesterday after church to check out some campsites up in Estacada. We found 4-5 and i think we could have a good time but they are really close to the road. You can not only hear the river, but all the road noise as well. They dont have RV hookups so we would have to be self contained. Which is not a big deal. Just trying to find sites that we can pull through or back up into easily. We are not good with the backing up right now. It was a fun day and a beautiful drive. Dogs had fun too!

John was trying to get the 5th wheel flushed out and found a leak within the system. John thinks he can fix it easily enough. Toilet is working with a little adjusting. We just need to check the heater so we can winter camp too. We have 2 heaters so we should be good! I'm slowly but surly getting more and more stuff put into the trailer. I'm waiting now for my Lock N Locks we got from QVC for the trailer.

We are wanting to find a place really close so Spencer and I can get camp set up on a Friday after he gets home from school and John and Miranda can come after work. Miranda got us a RV book with great tips and the best campsites in certain states. Its really great to learn from others mistakes.... That is kind of what this blog is about too.

Well as we continue to get the 5th wheel ready for our trip, we are on count down. 1 week and 6 days~ still praying that Miranda's work might change their minds and give her the time off. But there will be other trips.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ok, here is the update for the 5th wheel backing up practise..... It did not go as so well. It is a lot harder then one would think. Thank the LORD for pull-through campsites. They are sites where you just drive in and out the other side. Who ever came up with them probably was a guy who couldn't back up a trailer.... :) So We got a site for our trip with a PULLTHROUGH ! yea!!!

Well John was not feeling well yesterday and didn't sleep well so he stayed home. He got the bench put in and we loaded up a lot more stuff now in the 5th wheel. I think next week we are going to take the 5th wheel to a dumping site and flush out the system. Oh, Miranda has made a 5th wheel rule....
" If we are at a camp ground with a potty and shower, we can only go pee in the trailer..... NO POOH!" She has already made it clear that she will not be doing any fish cleaning and now she will not be touching the poopy hose.... lol Unfortunately she cant get time off work for our first trip and so she and Ave and Snuggles will be staying home. :(

Well , more to come later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK, Its been a few days and we have been loading things in the 5th wheel little by little. We now have the hitch in the truck. It only cost $127.00 more then they told us, of course! But now we can actually MOVE the trailer......

We have also been doing some remodeling in the 5th wheel....

These are some shelves John installed in the closet we are going to use as a pantry!

John is also going to add another bench seat where there was a small cabinet for the TV. Now we will have some more storage and a place for another body to sleep if need be.

Well less then 3 weeks till we can get out in the 5th wheel and go camping. We are thinking of going to Fisherman's Bend which is on the way over to Bend on the Santiam River. Miranda is even getting time off work for 3 days to go with us. It will be tons of fun and lots of learning for all of us. We will be taking the dogs with us, so that will be fun untangling them the whole time.

I'm also hope to go fishing with the kids and maybe catching dinner one night. I sure hope that John and Spencer can clean the fish we catch because i KNOW Miranda and I wont! lol. What a mental picture of Miranda trying to clean fish. She wont even eat it.

Tonight, John, Spencer and myself are going to take the 5th wheel over to the parking lot at Intel to do some practise driving and backing up. I just pray that 1 of us will be gifted in backing up the trailer. Watch it will be Spencer! :)

OK i will get back with more later.